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Ford UCDS Pro+Ford UCDS Pro+

Ford UCDS Pro+  DD064

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Ford UCDS Pro full License Software V1.26.008


UCDS Ford compares with Ford VCM II:


Ford UCDS  V1.26.008 has the same data as the  IDS v102.

Ford VCMII and UCDS both can support online and offline programming.


1. UCDS support special functions like UPDATE WIZARD, VBF LOADER,  DIRECT CONFIG

2. UCDS support more vehicles than VCM2

3. UCDS support odometer correction, while VCMII can't

4. UCDS support the reconfiguration of the car, the engine firmware stock firmware, chip tuning, FORD VCM2 can't.

5. VCMII support key programming, while UCDS can't

UCDS Ford V1.26.008 Supported Vehicles:

-Focus MK2 (2004-2014) C307

-New Focus MK3 (2012-2017) C346


- Mondeo/S-Max/Galaxy

-New Mondeo 13 (Mondeo5)




-eco sport

-And other new models

UCDS FORD currently works with the following platforms: Focus III 2011, 2015; Focus II 2004-2011;  C-MAX; S-MAX; MONDEO IV; Kuga I, Kuga II;Mondeo 2015; Galaxy; Transit; Fiesta 2008, 20015, etc..

Ford UCDS Pro Features:

1. UCDS Software: V1.26.008

2. With 35 tokens, after using up tokens, send back for add token,35usd =35 token (Only do mileage programming & ECU chip tuning function will need token)

3. Ford UCDS full mode activated, access to existing sections of the software, such as VBF Loader, Update Wizard, and Direct Config.

4. UCDS support both online and offline programming

5. UCDS support odometer correction

6. UCDS support the reconfiguration of the car

UCDS-Ford  Features:

1. Receive data embedded including their part number, version, calibration, serial number in the car components and modules;

2. Diagnose the majority of components and car parts  through the data bus (CAN);

3.Update the calibration  of the modules and components including the engine (Also call it as chip tuning);

4.Perform regular language adaptation of the audio modules manufactured by SONY (Only Russian language);

5.Make the necessary changes to the central configuration of the car, and change the configuration of the modules and components if necessary;


UCDS 1.26.008 Update Information:


1. Support the new version UCDS V3.

2. Database Synchronization IDS 102.00.

3. Focus Classic TCM programming: can use the BIN file for 1.6 / 2.0 TCM

4. Focus Classic PCM Programming: save and load VID information suitable for all PCM.

5. Focus Classic PCM programming by using binary BIN file...ok

6. Focus Classic PCM programming fixes the errors of 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.0 ST data.

7. Mondeo S-MAX programming by the binary file 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.3 / 2.0 Diesel PCM firmware data ok.

8. Mondeo S-MAX clear BCM II crash data…ok

9. New Focus calibrates 1.6 / 2.0 dual-clutch transmission.

10. Adds the latest dual-clutch calibration programming file for New Focus

11. Carnival clear RCM crash data…ok

12. Carnival calibrate wiper…ok

13. "UPDATE WIZARD" fixes the error after a part of modules refresh.

14. MONDEO GHIA-X S-MAX 2.0T DPS450 dual-clutch calibration.

15. "DIRECT CONFIG" supports Visteon ACM.

16. "DATA LOGGER” repairs some functions.

17. "DIRECT CONFIG" adds SYNC2 option.


19. C391 New Mondeo RCM Crash data clear.

20. C391 New Mondeo RCM module initialization function.

21. "ASBUILT EDITOR" modifies part of errors.

22. "DIRECT CONFIG" adds C391 new Mondeo 2.0 engine.

23. NEW Focus and KUGA adds ABS bleeding function.

24. C391 New Mondeo 2.0T Chinese adds the PCM Calibration file.

25. MOTORSOFT adds:

New KUGA adds EV4A-14C204-BB

New Mondeo adds FS7A-14C204-ECA

V5 engines 2.5-5 KUGA and Mondeo

26. Optimize most applications.

27. Complete revision of the J2534-2 database for UCDS V1 / V2 / V3.

FORD UCDS PRO Package List:

1pc x UCDS-Ford 


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